With over thirty years experience in the Australian food processing and agribusiness sector, MAGI SOLUTIONS can provide a broad range of solutions for your business. These include animal nutrition advice, recipe formulations, technical support, regulatory compliance, quality, occupational safety and HACCP/food safety.

With a unique experience and understanding of the Australian grain marketplace, cereal/oilseeds processing and associated supply chain, livestock feed/ pet food manufacturing, intensive and extensive livestock production, food processing and technology, we can provide a broad knowledge and background understanding of these industry sectors and a range of solution suites.

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A superior platform of technical expertise to the Australian grain and grain-user industries

To provide a superior platform of technical expertise and support to the Australian grain and grain-user industries in the areas of quality, food security, processing, development and market access, and to leverage our networks and connections to build a stronger and globally dynamic agricultural sector for our clients.

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Integrated management systems

Having worked and supported a range of large and small agribusinesses in Australia we have developed a unique overview of the industry and how it functions.
We can support large and small operators with a range of management systems to help them achieve optimum productivity and efficiency.
Please visit the following pages to see how we can help your organisation further in these specific areas.
And we can also provide training, either in classroom or at work site in all the topics.

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